Trailer Maker: Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition

Cool Your Jets, Desktop Duneons, Goat, QCF Design

This is a very long overdue post, but I’m happy to finally be getting around to sharing this. Following on the Kickstarter video that Cool Your Jets made for Cadence, we were approached with a cool proposition from Cape Town game creators QCF Design. The studio was plotting the launch of an enhanced edition of their cult hit Desktop Dungeons. They wanted us to make a trailer it.

DD Trailer delivery_00692Being fans of the studio and the game, we were obviously really keen to take them up on this offer. Additionally, the creation of game trailers is a pretty great venture for a team of animators that want to spend their days working on games. Understandably, our response to QCF’s invitation was a very loud “hell yeah!”

DD Trailer delivery_01120

Fast forward a few weeks, and we’re right in the middle of making said trailer. The timeline is insanely tight, but with the support we’re getting from QCF the trailer is shaping up to be something very special. Working alongside the studio’s artists, Dorianne Dutrieux and Daoyi Liu, we’re able to realise the Desktop Dungeons world in an awesome, imersive way that we’re all really stoked with.

DD Trailer delivery_00561Fast forward a matter of days and the trailer’s done! Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition goes live! Response to the trailer is great, and for me, it’s just awesome seeing something we made showing up on Steam.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.56.19 PMAll in all, a whirlwind project with results we were very proud of. I’m hoping we get some opportunities to make more game trailers soon. For now, here’s the debut effort in this corner of animation!